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  • How do I maintain my new hair at home? So glad you asked!
    Download my extensions care guide below ↓
  • What products should & shouldn't I use on my hair extensions?
    Do's Moroccan oil is a restorative treatment for damaged hair and skin. It helps maintains hair extensions, giving shine and moisture to the hair. Don'ts Anything that contains keratin or protein, as this can tend to make the extensions dry & frizzy.
  • How often do I need to maintain my hair extensions?
    Every 4-6 weeks to ensure your extensions don't become visible and your hair stays healthy.
  • Can you colour hair extensions?
    It's not advised, and you will be doing it at your own risk. If you want to make the extensions darker, please only use 3% and DO NOT BLEACH!
  • Will extensions damage my hair or hurt?
    Provided you follow a care guide, there should be no damage or stress caused to your hair or scalp. All the methods I use are the most up to date on the market, and with the correct application techniques, this will prevent hair breakage.
  • Can I use hot tools on my hair extensions?
    Yes, you can style your hair with hot tools, as they are 100% Human Hair. It is recommended to always use a heat protector when styling.
  • How long does my natural hair need to be for hair extensions?
    For a natural look, the shortest your hair should be is approximately 10cm long. If you are unsure, please contact me to book a consultation or send me a photo so I can let you know what I recommend.
  • How often should I brush and wash my hair extensions?
    The more you wash your extensions, the more frequently you should be oiling them. Extensions do not get the same oils that your hair produces naturally, so applying the Moroccan Oil daily will prevent them from drying out. If you find your extensions are getting knotty, it may be because they're lacking oil & moisture. Get yourself a good detangle hairbrush too.

Hair Extension FAQ's

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